Really Rolling Stone?

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. On Friday, March 11th, Rolling Stone will release its March cover with reality star Nicole Polizzi, more commonly known as “Snooki.” If you don’t already know, Snooki is part of MTV’s cast of Jersey Shore, a show thats about partying, eating, and “guidos.” When Rolling Stone released the cover, artists such as Ne-Yo were not impressed. he posted on Twitter account, “No disrespect to Snooki, I don’t know her, but damn Rolling Stone?”

The magazine, which focuses mainly on on music, took a different approach by having a reality star on the front cover. Dedicated readers may or may not enjoy this month’s cover. However, putting the hit reality star on the cover can draw in new readers to the magazine.

Another star that was upset with the cover was hit artist Pink. She also posted on her Facebook status, “ “Dear Rolling Stone, Really?”

Snooki herself was surprised she was asked to pose on the cover, wear she is wearing cowboys boots and twirling a lasso.

My guess: Jersey Shore viewers are going to love it. Rolling Stone readers: not so much.


6 thoughts on “Really Rolling Stone?

  1. I was not aware that this is the new Rolling Stone cover as of tomorrow, but I think it is a little ridiculous. It doesn’t really seem at all important to have a reality star on the cover, especially one from ‘The Jersey Shore.’ It’s understandable that those reality stars will be out in the media, but they shouldn’t be on the Rolling Stone cover!
    I think this will offend many other stars once the cover comes out tomorrow. Personally if I was an artist I would be extremely offended that instead of someone worthwhile they put up a reality star, known for drinking and other acts that are inappropriate to speak about. I think this was a bad move on Rolling Stones part and they will get a lot more backlashes for it.

  2. Wow! I had no idea Snooki was going to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone! Yes, I find the wild antics of the Jersey Shore cast to be hilarious, but do I think they deserve the cover of Rolling Stone? Certainly not! Is Snooki good at anything else besides GTL? I don’t believe reality TV stars like the Jersey Shore should be on the front cover of a magazine that supposedly acknowledges people’s talents because really what are they even good at?

  3. When I saw this for the first time I was shocked! I mean, lets be serious, I am a hige “Snooki” fan mainly because I think she is hilarious. I did not however think it would go this far. Since the Rolling Stones focuses mainly on music, i was confused as to why she was on here. Emily I like your comment about ” is Snooki good at anything else besides GTL?” very clever. Either way I think Snooki’s stardom is being taken way too far.

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