Way to go NFL…

Can you imagine traveling thousands of miles to see your favorite team playing for the world championship and not get to sit in the seat you paid for? This is what happened to 400 fans at this year’s Superbowl. Fans are filing a lawsuit just two days after the game because they were not allowed to sit in their seats because they were not available to sit in. The suit is being filed against the Dallas Cowboys, NFL, and team owner Jerry Jones. The suit will cover about 1000 people. Only 400 were not able to have a seat at the game while the others were relocated.  The argument is that the Cowboys did not offer any compensation for those ticket holders.

The NFL has come up with two options for the fans. The first is a ticket to next year’s Superbowl and a cash payment of $2400 or tickets to any future Superbowl with round trip airfare and accommodations.

The NFL made a public apology the day after the Superbowl. Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, made the announcement.

I think the options offered by the NFL are very fair. The compensation for the tickets is worth three times the value of what they paid and they get to go to another Superbowl.


2 thoughts on “Way to go NFL…

  1. Those people that got moved are being way to greedy. The NFL is offering so much stuff to compensate their inconvenience for that one day. They need to be happy that they are getting so much stuff outside of just replacement tickets. I would be happy with all the stuff they are giving in place of just tickets.

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